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  • How to start a make-up business

  • Starting a new business entails wisdom. Through wisdom a house is built as said in the Holy Bible. Beebiees makeup can help you with practical experience on how you can start and brand your own business.  
  • Make up artist in London

  • Make up artist in London As we a black make up artist in London,  we are strategically located and offer make up artistry  cutting across kent, london south, London central and north London. We do make up in  and beebiees is happy to go ends for you.  
Become Even More Beautiful By Following These Tips
  • Become Even More Beautiful By Following These Tips

  • They say that beauty is on the inside, but this does not mean that you should ignore the outside! Many people would like to improve on things they already have. The following article will give you some tips to help your natural beauty shine through. TIP! Don't forget that a great hairstyle can [...]
  • wedding make-up artist

  • You can find us on Our photojournalism and beauty therapy announces the different variaties of facial treatment, beauty therapies for make up clients. Aside these, we also give out fashion magazines, skin tones instructions for skin treatment and free toppings to our trusted and lo[...]