Make- Up Training School and Studio in Nigeria

Best Nigerian makeup artist training school and studio in Nigeria.

Beebiees makeup artist specializes in airbrushing makeup, bridal and wedding makeups,  party and modellings.

In Beebiees, we train, teach, mentor, coach up-coming makeup artists on how to be the best..

To enrol for out training, we have many packages that can suit your budget. However, education is pride.

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Welcome to Beebiees Makeup School. We hope you have a good time to study as we unveil the secret in beauty.

The school involves three divisions which are

  1. Beginners: Students in this division must complete the introduction lesson, Modules 1-3
  2. Intermediates: Students in this division must complete Modules 3-6
  3. Professionals: Students in this division must complete Modules 5-8  and upon completion will be certified



Module 1; Introduction to makeup

  • Meaning and importance of makeup
  • What is makeup?
  • Why makeup?

Module 2; Basic skin care

  • Understanding different skin types
  • Doing a skin test
  • Skin treatment involving hand, legs and body treatment
  • How to remove your makeup

Module 3; Doing a facial

  • Understanding different facial structures and identification of beauty spots
  • Doing a face chart
  • Recognition and the study of the eye, nose, mouth and ear shape.
  • How to shape your eye brows

Module 4; Understanding different skin tones

  • Knowing the right and perfect powder/ foundation to fit different skin tones
  • Understanding the different types of concealers, powder and foundation


Module 5; Understanding the applications, procedure and techniques in make-up (Theory)

  • Types of makeup application
  • Airbrushing and traditional makeup lesson
  • Different make-up brushes that you need.

Module 6; Practical application steps of the different types of make-up (Practical and Workshop)

  • How to apply foundation
  • How to use cover stick/concealers
  • Loose powders and cover powder application
  • How to fill in eye brows
  • How to apply eye shadows
  • How to fix false eye lashes/semi-permanent lashes.

Module 7; Fundamental application of colour blending (Colour make-up)

  • How to apply mascara
  • How to apply blush
  • How to apply lip-liners, lip-stick and lip-gloss
  • How to make lip stick stay all day
  • How to re-apply/ correct makeup
  • How to create a pin-up look

Module 8Make-up/over for professionals (Pro classes)

  • How to create a celebrity look
  • How to do a smoky eye
  • How to create a professional bridal makeup
  • Traditional / cultural makeup involving artistic application on different ethnic tones
  • Modelling/TV shows and fashion makeup
  • Official /corporate makeup
  • Party / event makeup

Module 9 Understanding body therapy, spas and body painting

  • Understanding photography and lightening
  • Photo shoot make-up

Module 10; Makeup etiquettes

  • Codes of conducts involving dressing procedures
  • Equipment cleaning techniques
  • Customer service relationship
  • Branding, marketing and portfolio management

Module 11Gele artistry * Bonus



  • Workshop, practical and theoretical sessions are very informative, interactive and fun in a conducive environment.
  • Models will be provided while the makeup artist will do a side of the face and students will complete the other side.
  • Before the application of make-up, the face must be cleansed, toned and moisturized.
  • In Beebiees training classes, a manual is required.
  • Lengthy or full day session includes light snacks and beverages
  • Certificates of graduation will be given to successful students
  • Venues are liable to changes to suit different training session.


Happy Make-up.